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Ralph Cotran

What are Ralph Cotran’s Hobbies and Interests?

Ralph Cotran enjoys work at US Optical and coming up with clever, creative and effective marketing and sales ideas and implementing them accordingly.

Cotran also enjoys spending time with his family, including his brothers and mother as well as his nephew and niece. Ralph Cotran also spends time with his relatives. This time is usually spent at large family gatherings with friends and family over a meal or barbecue.

Ralph Cotran enjoy cuisines from all over the world; some of his favorites are American, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Lebanese, and French food and of course, Sushi.

Cotran also enjoys participating in sports activities and participating in martial arts. Cotran plays Soccer regularly both recreationally and for a team. He  also enjoy participating in martial arts training.  Cotran plays basketball in the winter with colleagues from work. Sports have been great for him as they are extremely fun, and allow for great camaraderie with teammates friends and colleagues and keep you fit and in shape and hopefully healthy as well. Martial Arts instills discipline and is incredible exercise which provides Ralph Cotran with inner peace. He especially recommends martial arts for children. Owning his own business can be stressful and participating in soccer, basketball and martial arts have definitely countered the stress of owning and growing a business.

Ralph Cotran has played soccer at least since the age of six. As far back as he can remember he had a soccer ball at his feet. Having travelled and lived overseas, as the son of a United Nation’s diplomat, soccer was the sport of choice. People, young and old lived it and most played it, but above all they all TALKED Soccer-all about the great feats of Brazil, Italy, England, Germany, Holland, Portugal and Spain.  They spoke of the greatness of Pele, Maradona, Rivera, Klinsmann and many others.

As Ralph Cotran’s good friend and writer Rocco Saragusa wrote is his short story Ghost Kick about a group of his friends that played soccer on Saturdays at UCLA “…For anybody that has doubted the artistry of sport or had question of its purpose, and brutality should have seen the two of them perform—They would make converts out of the most devout skeptics . Always they were a beautiful Waltz, in the slowest most exaggerated motion.” …it began to take shape , intricate weaving patterns and no matter how prepared I was, the scheme a small masterpiece of motion was virtually impossible to detonate or holdback.”

Soccer in “Ghost Kick” is depicted in terms of an oil painting, a beautiful dance or even fine symphony. This is the Soccer Cotran grew up with and the one he particularly enjoys. This is the Soccer that created Cotran’s lasting friendships with many that continue to this day.

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