Chuck Blazer US Soccer Executive and FBI Informant

FIFA World Cup - Coke

FIFA World Cup – Coke

Chuck Blazer was by all accounts a reliable professional in the soccer industry. From 1996 until 2013 Blazer served on the FIFA Executive Committee, he was an executive in CONCACAF (The North American, Central America, Caribbean Soccer Federation), and even served as an executive for US Soccer.

FIFA is an organization that is widely recognized as the world’s most corrupt governing body in sports. It is also the most recognized and wealthy. Allegations of bribery and vote-rigging abound. Most noteworthy was an investigation into the voting that made Qatar the location for the 2022 World Cup. That vote has since been revoked and a new location has not been decided upon.

Chuck Blazer was completely immersed in this shadowy FIFA organization, and a huge part of the problem. While earning millions of dollars, Blazer was not paying income taxes, which is a recipe to get caught. His offshore bank accounts funded his getaways to secret islands, private jets, and even apartments just for his cats! He also had expensive food tastes which led him to 450 pounds.

Upon discovering this blatant offense, the FBI and IRS both investigated him further and found he misallocated funds for CONCACAF.

Blazer, who is now very ill with colon cancer, was approached by the FBI and the IRS to be an informant against other high ranking officials in FIFA and other related soccer organizations around the world. He has recorded meetings with Russian, Hungarian, Australian, and American officials and could lead or have lead to further indictments including charges of money laundering and fraud.