The 2015 United States Men’s Soccer Season


The United States Men’s Soccer team will look forward to bigger and better things when the year 2016 comes around as 2015 was considered to be an up and down year for the Americans. The men’s national team did not play to the expectations as many people thought they would. They lost the Confederation Cup playoff against Mexico and finished in fourth place in the Gold Cup.

The Men’s national team had some great moments during a few friendly matches. In June,  the U.S was able to defeat the Netherlands with a game winning goal scored by forward Bobby Wood. It was a great moment for both the young star and the men’s national team. Gedion Zelalem, another rising star, decided to commit to the the U.S national team instead of Germany and Ethiopia. This was a huge win for the U.S. They now have a rising star who will be key part for this team for years to come.  Another key moment the U.S national team had this past year was when they took a total of four points from their two World Cup qualifying matches. The U.S won half of it’s games going 10-6-4 on the season.

There were some moments that U.S men’s national team would like to forget in 2015. For the U.S, winning the Gold Cup was a true goal for them coming into 2015 because this would secure a CONCACAF’s berth in the 2017 FIFA Federations Cup. However, things did not go as planned for the U.S as they lost to Jamaica in the semifinals of the Gold Cup.  Many people are starting to doubt head coach, Klinsmann because of some of his coaching decisions and how the U.S has played of late, but U.S Soccer president, Sunil Gulati feels otherwise.  Gulati stood behind his head coach and believes things will eventually turn into the right direction for Klinsmann and U.S national team.

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Top Soccer Stadiums in the World



Estadio Azteca

This historical stadium was built in the 1960’s and is the home of Club America. This is one of the stadiums that hosted a match in the 1970 World Cup. Throughout the World Cup, they hosted a total of 10 matches, and most importantly the stadium was able to to play host to two of the most important games on the schedule, the Semi-Final and Final between Italy and Brazil. The stadium is located in the south of Mexico City and it extremely easy to reach by metro and the connecting light rail. The stadium currently holds an astonishing 104,000 people and it is an awesome place to watch a game, especially when it is a sell-out crowd.

Stadio Olimpico

Stadio Olimpico is located in Rome, Italy, and is the home for both AS Roma SS Lazio. The stadium opened in 1953 and holds approximately 72,698 seats. When the stadium originally opened to the public it was able to hold 100,000 spectators mainly because the terraces around the stadium. Stadio Olimpico hosted the 1990 World Cup and was able to host all of Italy’s matches. This was a great treat for the Italy fans. The stadium is located north of the Vatican City. Stadio Olimpico is also a must see if your a die-hard soccer fan.

Old Trafford

This stadium is located in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England and is the home to the Manchester United Soccer team. Old Trafford opened in 1910 and has been a historical venue for soccer matches ever since. In the 1966 World Cup, this stadium was able to host 3 group matches. A promising achievement for the citizens in England. Old Trafford is located near Manchester’s city centre and Manchester Piccadilly Station. If you have the opportunity, please come check out this incredible stadium


Maracana is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is the home to both the CR Flamengo and Fluminense FC. The stadium opened in 1950 and holds 78,838 seats. One of the first main games this stadium played host to was the 1950 World Cup between Brazil and Mexico. In 2014, Maranca hosted yet another the World Cup. This time they were able to host seven matches including the World Cup Final.

The MLS As A Field of Retirement

We’ve seen numerous football stars hang their cleats up and call it day, diversifying their careers into coaching or business owning when their time on the field is over. Stars like David Beckham and Thierry Henry refused to do this. Instead of hanging their cleats, they transferred over to the MLS and began what it seems to be the second chapter of their soccer careers. The MLS is becoming the league for retirees to dip their feet in the water, even just one more time. Perhaps the league might not be as challenging as the English FA or Bundesliga, it still provides an avenue to generate income still doing what they love.

This article by DailyMail UK explains how Beckham who once played for LA Galaxy is close to realizing his dream of owning his own football club- the Miami MLS. He hopes to have the team running by 2018, and though the name has not been picked yet, it seems that he is closer than he has ever been in realizing this opportunity. It hasn’t been easy for Beckham, he has encountered many challenges in developing this project. Some of these challenges r Beckham has enjoyed a successful 21 year career as a soccer player. His career began at Manchester United,

As more soccer stars diversify their careers, the world focuses on Cristiano Ronaldo who has now turned down long terms rumors of his joining the MLS as part of his own retirement plan. The retirement plan rhetoric which has followed stars like Didier Drogba, Thierry Henry and the legendary Kanu Nwankwo doesn’t seem to apply to Ronaldo who was quoted last week saying-

“I’m 30 now and I’d like to keep playing for another five or six years. I know that it gets harder with age, but I believe it’s possible. As I’ve said several times before, my dream is to end my career at Real Madrid.”

Ronaldo’s decision or hopes of retiring in Real Madrid will most likely not be as challenging as David Beckham’s plan to build his own club and stadium. Ronaldo is still ranked as the number one player in the world right after Lionel Messi, and I doubt Real Madrid would want to do away with such a valuable asset. We just have to wait this out and see.

Also, how about that own goal from Van Persie this weekend? Completely heartbreaking


Best Women Soccer Players in the World

Ralph CotranSoccer is one of the most televised and loved sports in the world. Many consider it a religion, and this excitement is now more present than ever during the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Professional soccer players have an important role in keeping the high standards of the game, and continually pushing their boundaries during matches. This world cup has been especially fun to watch, which is why I have put together a list of some of my favorite players.

3. Hope Solo

The American goalkeeper is a two time Olympic gold medalist, and is considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. She began her career with FIFA in 2007, and has since lead the US soccer team to countless of victories against teams like Brazil and Japan. She won the Golden Glove and the Bronze Ball for her performance during the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

2.  Dzsenifer Marozsan
Dzsenifer is from Germany and began playing on the country’s national team in 2010. As one of the leaders of Germany’s women soccer team, Dzsenifer is regarded as one of the best players in the world. At only 14 years old, she was welcomed to the Bundeslega team, and was one of the youngest players to score.

1. Marta
The forward Braziliera is considered one of the best female players in the world, and is currently playing for the national team of Brazil in this year’s World Cup. She is recognized for her speed, and excellent leadership skills on the field. She received the FIFA World Cup player of the year  from 2006-2010. Marta is also one of the highest goal scorers in the world cup, and was the recipient of the Golden Ball and Golden Boot awards.

After the amazing win from the US team last night, I have included some highlights from the 2015 Women’s World Cup US- Japan final.

The Origins of Soccer

This presentation focusses on the origin of soccer and its rise in popularity throughout the last decades. Soccer is extremely popular among European countries and Latin America, however, its popularity in the US is slowly increasing.  This is the Newest soccer presentation via Prezi.

New York City FC Collaborates with Alcohoot

Ralph CotranNew York City Football Club, is the newest sports team to join the legendary NY sports family, and play in Yankee stadium for the foreseeable future. The newest Major League franchise has taken US soccer by storm, and are expected to play at least three seasons. NYC FC’s roster has been stacked to the nines with well known players such David Villa, Andrew Jacobson and Sebastian Velasquez.  Along with others, these players will be competing with other Major League teams, making this the 21st addition to MLS. 

Not long after their arrival, NYC FC announced their collaboration with Alcohoot- a smartphone app that acts as a breathalyzer in order to help people check their blood alcohol content (BAC)  before driving or engaging in dangerous activities. During the FC matches, Alcohoot will be showcasing “last call” reminders to people in the stadium in order to promote responsible drinking and remind everyone to not drive if they have been consuming large amounts of alcohol. This initiative is meant to remind sports fans to act responsibly after a long day of drinking. NYC FC’s President, Tom Glick,  is proud of this partnership and believes that it will be a great way to reach out to large quantities of people at once, especially during a weak moment they might be experiencing. 

The collaboration between Alcohoot and NYC FC will go even further in setting up booths at soccer matches and remind fans to plan accordingly when getting home. Alcohoot success has also been recognized by the tech industry, and was the receiver of the 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design. The device has been registered and approved by the FDA and will continue to improve its technology in order to promote safety through mobile devices. 

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NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament Explained

The Men’s Soccer Committee of the NCAA has just released the official bracket for 2014. Notre Dame was predictably awarded the number one seed after last year’s championship.
With soccer growing in popularity after this year’s World Cup, the hopes are that this year’s NCAA tournament will have record audiences. There’s still a barrier to entry for the average sports fan, having to learn the ins and outs of a new tournament. Here’s what you need to know…
There are 24 conferences in NCAA men’s soccer. Each conference’s champion is automatically qualified.
The top 16 teams receive first-round byes.
2014’s first round begins November 20th (this Thursday!), and the final (the ‘Men’s College Cup’) will be December 12th and 14th in Cary, North Carolina.
The Atlantic Coast Conference has the most teams in the tournament, with Notre Dame, Syracuse, Louisville, Virginia, North Carolina, and Wake Forest all making the cut. The Big Ten Conference has six teams, including Michigan State, Maryland, Indiana, Penn State, Northwestern, and Ohio State.
There are no new-comers in the tournament this year. Saint Louis is making it’s 48th appearance – that’s right, this isn’t a new tournament, folks!
Games are played at universities all over the country. Securing a spot in the top four means a team gets to enjoy all home games until the quarterfinals.
For some, this tournament is a very big deal, but it still lacks the press coverage and editorial coverage enjoyed by larger tournaments. Since there’s not a lot of material online to give you a great idea of what teams to bet on, your best bet will be to watch the games.
The top 16 teams are…
Notre Dame
Michigan State
Tournaments are always more fun when you fill out a bracket with some predictions before it starts. The NCAA supplies a great interactive bracket that can be printed. []


Chelsea’s famed Frank Lampard wants to put New York Soccer on the map

Frank Lampard Joins NYCFC

Frank Lampard Joins NYCFC

It’s the challenge, above all else.

Frank Lampard says that’s the reason he crossed the pond to unpredictable circumstances, joining an expansion team with only four players.

“Some say it was a risk,” says New York City FC’s newest signing in an interview with the New York Daily News.

At 36 years old, Lampard is in a unique position of comfort. This isn’t a reference to his enviable finances or television star girlfriend, Christine Bleakley, but rather the legacy secured in the highest levels of club soccer. It’s an easy argument, armed with ample evidence, that Lampard is the greatest player in Chelsea’s 109-year history, a hero at Stamford Bridge nicknamed “Super Frank” and the franchise’s all-time leading scorer. There isn’t a title Chelsea didn’t claim during Lampard’s 13-year stint, and much of the success was initiated by the midfielder’s leadership and relentless effectiveness.

Not blessed with speed, Lampard relied on grit, cunning and technical skill to make his mark in the English Premier League. He may not be in as many underwear ads as David Beckham, but he enjoyed a career that was equal, if not better than, his fellow Englishman’s.

“I’m very pleased with my legacy at Chelsea,” Lampard says.

There are reasons beyond soccer for European stars to cross the ocean, including sponsorships, introductions to American markets and different MLS owners. It all benefited Beckham during his very profitable stint in L.A.

But Lampard understandably doesn’t volunteer much into these considerations during interviews. He also won’t delve into the specifics of the recruiting and negotiating process, which was handled by NYCFC’s parent club, Manchester City, owned by the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. In the end, these details are not Lampard’s job to fret over, nor are they beneficial to the cause of bringing a title to New York.

“In terms of what you can expect of me as a player, I give everything, I help teammates get better,” Lampard says. “I was fortunate at Chelsea to have a great rapport with the fans there because they knew that I give everything. So I hope the New York City fans see that in me, realize that we want to bring a team here that we can be very proud of. If we can do that, then I’ll go away a happy man.”

It wasn’t too long ago that NYCFC believed Lampard was unattainable. Coach Jason Kreis helped compile a list in January of about 10 potential targets for Designated Player slots, reserved for those who can sign contracts exceeding an otherwise hard salary cap. MLS allows for three DPs per team, and NYCFC — which begins its inaugural season next year at Yankee Stadium — used its first on Spanish striker David Villa.

Lampard didn’t make the initial list.

“We were looking for the right type of players to announce as our first signings. We were sort of combing the world, so to speak, and thinking about who those players might be,” says Kreis. “I think obviously we knew about Frank’s situation. Our initial thinking was that certainly he was going to stay at Chelsea. So he was never kind of on our short list.

Lampard became a fan of the U.S. more than 10 years ago, and has been taking yearly vacations in New York, L.A. and Las Vegas. MLS was already on his radar as a post-Chelsea destination. He nearly signed with the L.A. Galaxy last year before Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho persuaded him to return for a final season.

The Galaxy made another bid at Lampard this year, but he instead chose NYCFC on a two-year deal. It provides him a more desirable timetable: rather than joining the club midseason — as Beckham did with the Galaxy and Thierry Henry with the Red Bulls — Lampard gets to go through an MLS training camp and start fresh. Of course, the season doesn’t start until March, so Lampard says he’s in the process of deciding the best way to stay fit — whether it’s on loan with another club or through offseason training.

The announcement of the signing, Lampard says, was delayed until after the World Cup, where he captained England to a disappointing first-round knockout.

“I knew my future was up in the air and I had to get something set up, but (during the World Cup) certainly wasn’t the time for me to come out and announce something,” Lampard says.

Lampard gets it — his answers, his attitude, his smile. He understands what Beckham understood seven years ago, when an English superstar and marketing phenomenon made his risky leap and significantly raised the profile of MLS.

Lampard is not just a soccer player in New York City.He’s an ambassador, the face of an expansion team with big ambitions and a big home stadium. His first day on the job Thursday was a crash course in that lesson, a whirlwind media tour around the city filled with repetitive questions and photo shoots.

“Thirteen years at the same club,” says Lampard, polite and accommodating at every stop without revealing much beyond the surface. “This is a big move for me. I wanted to make the right decision. I’d like to think I’ve done that.

“(The press conference) was a bit surreal, to be honest,” he adds.

Lampard, who has two daughters from a previous relationship, is far from the dumb jock.

Lampard reportedly scored over 150 in the 2009 exam, placing him in the category of genius.

In the very early stages of his career, Lampard was involved in two scandals — one in which he and two other players were filmed having sex with women (the tape was leaked), and another when he and teammates allegedly taunted Americans in a drunken stupor just a day after the 9/11 attacks.

The latter resurfaced as a topic when Lampard signed in New York, and he denied taking part in any taunting.

With his brilliant mind — which can be often seen on the field — the next natural transition is to coaching.

It’s a challenge for another day. Right now he’s focused on the one as New York’s future midfielder.

#USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard the New Secretary of Defense?



World Cup fever has officially ended here in the the states, as the US Men’s National Soccer team was defeated yesterday afternoon by a score of 2-1 during their elimination match with Belgium. The #USMNT goalkeeper turned in what will most likely go down as the greatest goal keeping effort in World Cup history when he recorded a record high 16 saves during the US match in Brazil. The performance has taken the internet by storm. But before we get into that lets go over Tim Howard’s tale of how he arrived at his 15 minutes of internet fame. Timothy Matthew Howard was born on March 6, 1979. Howard started his long journey to the top when he first started playing for the now defunct North Jersey Imperials, of the United Soccer League, at the age of 18. For the next five years Howard was the goalkeeper for the MetroStars of the MLS and because of this he started to gain attraction from one of the most storied football clubs in the world, the famed Manchester United. He enjoyed get success while in Manchester and even won the FA Cup in 2003 and the League Cup in ’05 and ’06. But the honeymoon in Manchester was over as Howard was put on loan to Everton after ManU signed goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar. Howard first started to represent his country in 2002 when he first made the men’s national team and was an unused substitute for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. But then it all changed for Howard, and the National team, in 2010. Howard earned the starting position on the field and helped lead the US back to the Round of 16 and again in 2014, saving his greatest performance for what could be his last World Cup game. This years group truly inspired the entire nation. And with inspiration comes crazy memes based off of Howard’s legendary performance. American soccer fans took to twitter with the trending topic of #ThingsTimHowardCanSave. One super fan decided to change the position of US Secretary of Defense to Tim Howard. Not a bad promotion after his 16 save performance, and it’s nice to see such American pride before the Fourth of July on Friday. #ibelievethatwewillwin