Best Golf Courses in the World

Ralph Cotran

Best Golf Courses in the World

The course of a long career can have its stressful moments. It’s how you handle those stress levels that ultimately bring you back to reality.  Many people enjoy a game of golf.  Why? Golf takes place outside. A golf course can be very peaceful, quiet, and a great scenic experience.  Golf is a calm sport.  There’s no running, jumping, or throwing.  It’s simply swinging a club.  Lastly, you can always arrange to play with friends, colleagues, or family members.  Its peaceful and slow enough that you can catch up on family or talk business.  However, when people ultimately retire, they look for something to do in order to pass time by all the while having fun.  Many retirees, specifically men, play a lot of golf.  Let’s take a look at some of the best retirement places overseas for golfers according to

1. Nejapa Country Club, Nicaragua

For starters, Nicaragua is one of the world’s most affordable places to retire.  The landscape is beautiful, friendly, safe and welcoming.  The Nejapa Country Club offers a great retiree residency program that many people can qualify for with a retirement income of as little as $600 a month.  It’s a par 72 course with soft bunkers and great vegetation planted throughout the area.

2. Verdura Resort, Sciacca, Italy

To those who have traveled and visited Italy, already know how beautiful Italy would be to retire.  Italy is home to one of the best golf courses in the world in Verdura Resort.  The course features fabulous views of the ocean and has year round warm weather, perfect for golfing.

Morfontaine, Paris, France

We all know Paris to be one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world.  Now how about retiring there with your loved one?  Designed by Englishman Tom Simpson, Morfontaine has 27 total holes including a 9 hole course and 18 hole course.  The course is covered in Scotch pines, the 18 hole course is a 6,545-yard, par-70 course.

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